DLINK settings :

1. Under the DLINK settings does TCP need to be enabled for the reporting to work back to Pulsenet ?

PulseNET can use either Telnet, or Raw TCP to connect to the DLink devices. TCP is recommended for SD networks.

This is required for only the Master radios.

2. Does it have to be set to enabled for both APs and Remotes ?

No, but we recommend using the same settings between APs and Remotes will ensure connectivity.

3. Will Enabling TCP under the DLINK settings consume additional bandwidth if radio information is gathered in Passive mode.

No, you should see no change in bandwidth with TCP enabled.

4. Is DLINK TCP enabled by default ?

Yes, raw TCP is enabled by default for DLink devices in PulseNET Enterprise.  However, during deployment it is recommended that you confirm the settings in each radio.

5. When we scan for new devices do we have to include the IP addresses of all radios (Remotes and APs) or only the APs ?

Only the APs. PulseNET will find the remotes connected underneath an AP automatically. (Note, a separate license is needed for each discovered device.)