The PulseNET Installation Guide includes:

• Installation prerequisites, system recommendations, and planning guidelines

• Instructions for installing and configuring PulseNET on all supported platforms

• Information about installing and configuring the agent manager


The PulseNET User Guide provides basic navigation and operation information that

all users, especially those with the operator role, will need in order to effectively use


• An overview of PulseNET, describing its purpose, explaining key concepts, and providing

instructions for basic navigation

• Basic navigation and dashboard overview

• Working with time ranges, charts, and tables

• Managing and monitoring devices, including device detail views

• Creating and scheduling reports and dealing with alerts


The PulseNET Administration Guide is intended to help those with the administrator role

configure and manage the PulseNET system. This guide provides instructions on how to

perform administrative tasks such as:

• Creating and managing users

• Requesting and installing licenses

• Configuring email settings and user access methods

• Creating report schedules and setting rule thresholds

• Setting the polling frequency for data collection

• Discovering and authorizing devices for monitoring

• Requesting GE support


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