In order to upgrade from an older version of 4.x, to a newer version, a new update package will be released with each iteration. These updates will be available along with the full package. Link displayed for both Standard and Enterprise versions below:



First step is always to create a quick backup of the existing GE_MDS directory, just in case we need to fall back. Then download the new upgrade package.

Once downloaded, you should be able to unzip to any convenient directory. Downloads used in the following example. In an Administrative Command Prompt, navigate to the bin directory of the extracted package:


The syntax for the install.bat is as follows:

install.bat <PN HOME> <PATH to>

So in order to run the upgrade, you would give it the path to the current PN install directory, and then the exact location and filename of the upgrade .pn file. For example:

install.bat C:\GE_MDS\PulseNET C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\pulsenet-4.2.0-update-installer\pulsenet-4.2.0-2639-update-installer\

PN should shut down and restart automatically as part of the process, and once you're able to login, you can confirm the upgraded build number under "About" in the bottom right corner.