The Problem:

There is a known issue that you may run into when a customer is running Packet w/ MAC mode with a large quantity of remotes (>30 and the more there are the worse it is) and with PulseNET running in Passive Mode. This fix has been reproduced and have confirmed customer successes. 


The problem is that PulseNET when running in Passive mode uses the broadcast functionality. This causes all remotes to attempt to reply all at the same time (Contention Requests), because they all raised their hands at the same time they all go into a random backoff/wait period (~30 seconds). This causes a never ending congestion issue and can over time cripple the customers data network.


Also in Packet w/ MAC mode, passive mode doesn’t have the same effect as transparent mode. The DLink messages will not wait for user data/traffic, it will respond immediately.


The Solution:


The workaround is to switch PulseNET to use Active mode instead of passive mode. The reason this is better is because it will force PulseNET to talk to one remote at a time instead of using the broadcast messaging. And  there is not a major difference between active and passive requests when running in Packet w/ MAC you do not lose anything.


This needs to be changed on EACH master that is currently discovered and then change the default settings under Administration (for all future discoveries).