Seeing an uptick in questions regarding how customers can use PNE to manage and report off of the underlying GE device MIBs but this is not how PNE was designed.

In brief:
PNE only interacts with the MIBs to generate SNMP traps from the collected performance data of the devices themselves.

PNE uses the MIBs for collecting and receiving SNMP traps. PNE does NOT forward those GE Traps (i.e. via a proxy). It generates its own SNMP traps to forward on.

PNE does not handle the raw MIB data, and the PNE SNMP agent cannot be queried for this information directly.

If the customer was to set up a Complementary Database, they would then be able to query the GE MIB for specific OIDs as a DB action external to PNE.